Native to Tampa Bay, Michelle grew up (little did she know) only streets away from her now husband, Ryan. Finally meeting in 2015 via an online dating site, they married 9 months later and now reside with their adorable fur baby in the beautiful Odessa area of Tampa Bay. Since she was little, Michelle had dreams of becoming an interior designer and even applied to design school back in 2005; however, she opted for a more 'secure' career at that time as a Pinellas County school teacher where she served 5 years in grades K-2. As difficult as it was to think about leaving the classroom and her students, she still couldn't shake her ultimate passion of residential design and entrepreneurship. She turned in her resignation in June of 2016, took a giant leap of faith, and began her new career path having no idea where it might lead. She started taking on small projects for friends while sharing all she was learning as a new design student and before her coursework even came to an end, House to Haven Interiors was born.

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bad grammar, overhead lighting after sunset, alarm clocks, mismatched Tupperware, bossy farmhouse signs, brake lights, black olives, primary colors, tan lines, backorders, ab workouts, animated movies, expiration dates, & negativity.

late nights, early mornings, belly laughs, boutique hotels, vegan cuisine, dry shampoo, line dancing, top shelf cosmos, antique mirrors, crime documentaries, vacuum lines, [making] to-do lists, traveling, iced lattes, guac (i know it's extra), & invincible plants.

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